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About Papa's Burgeria

papas burgeriaIn Papa's Burgeria, you play the role of either Marty or Rita. You have just opened up a burger joint and you have to start out by building a loyal following of hungry, burger eating customers. There are 3 main areas in the game. The Order station, where you take customer orders. The Grilling station, where you obviously grill burgers and cook. And the Build station, where you add condiments like lettuce, pickles, and ketchup. You have to find the right balance of working on customer orders versus grilling and building the burgers. You don't want to keep people waiting in line and you don't want to keep people waiting for their orders either so you have to walk that fine line in Papa's Burgeria. The hardest part of this flash game is the grilling of the burgers because adding cheese and mustard is pretty straightforward and simple to do but the grilling will require your constant supervision. How the burger is cooked is also the area the customers will find the most complaint with which is very true to real life.


papa's burgeria unblockedPapa's Burgeria is a game in which you run a burger shop. You have to take orders, make the burgers and make sure that your customers are satisfied. You can choose between three characters: Marty, Rita and Papa Louie. As soon as the game starts, you will have to take an order from your first customer. His burger requirements will appear on the order automatically and you just have to click on the grill station if you want to get started. You have to turn the beef on the other side by clicking on it and you need to make sure that you won't overcook it. After you finish your job at the grill station, it is time to build the burger. With an eye on the order, you simply have to drag and drop the ingredients from the list. When you place the top bun, the order will be finished and you will get to see the customer's reaction. If he is happy with the result, you can get a tip. The number of customers who will come at your restaurant will increase every day. Luckily, you can buy new equipment between each shift and some of the things you can purchase will make your job easier. You can also use the grill station for multiple burgers and switch between stations without losing any customers.


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